Tracking Nutrition is part of the Sprwt Base Plan or Pro Plan. The macro-nutritional system is applied to ingredients, sub-recipes, and meal recipes, and gives your customer data and information so they can accurately choose meals based on their diet requirements. Additionally, the Container Labels automatically print macro-nutritional information per meal based on ingredients and data you input when building a recipe. 

To edit what labels appear on your website go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings > Macros and select what you'd like to appear on your site. Show as primary on the "Front" column will show the detail as primary information on the pie chart. Show as secondary/show more will show the nutritional information when a customer shows more. When you select hide that nutritional information will not show anywhere on the site. To show nutritional information on a label the option must be selected as primary on the label column.

To add nutritional to ingredients, sub-recipes, or meals go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen > Ingredients & Sub-recipes or Kitchen > Meal Recipes.