A meal category is divided into two segments a 'Type' and a 'Diet'. An example of a type of meal would be Breakfast, Entree, Snacks, etc... whereas a diet category example would be Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, etc...

To start go to the Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings > Meal Categories and click add new or the ID of an existing category to edit.

Enter the name of the category you are creating, then select the group ID of this category, either Type or Diet. Then select the background color (bgcolor) of the category, we recommend you set it to #000000 (black) and the font color to #FFFFFF (white). Then enter the tag for this category for SEO purposes. Instead of spaces you have to use hyphens i.e. Low-Carb. 

There are two toggles below, 'users can filter' and 'show to user'. The first toggle allows the category to be filtered on the Customer Profile - Diet Preferences. It should only be for Diet Categories. The second toggle makes the category active or inactive.