Do you feel like your business is ready to start expanding to multiple locations? Adding a new location can be an exciting step to growing your business, and we're here to help. A Pickup Location has the capability for

  • order fulfillment
  • sharing reporting data

It is a location that is owned by a third party entity and allows customers to receive meals purchased from a Kitchen Location’s menu. This location is used by your company for picking up orders only. If this is not what you're looking for, see our guide to selecting which location expansion you need.

  • Contact your Sprwt representative if you would like to purchase an additional pickup location for $10 per month.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard Delivery Settings > Pickup Locations.
  • Click Add New. In the parentheses, you'll see how many new locations you have been billed for but have not yet set up. If you've already set up all the pickup locations you have been billed for, you'll see a message that says You have only X active pickup locations available.
    • To make changes or replace a location, click the ID# of the pickup location you wish to edit. 
  • Name: Appears to customers when selecting their pickup option and on their invoice email. This should be the name customers can recognize when looking for the building.
  • Address, City, Zip Code, State: Appears to customers when selecting their pickup option and on their invoice email. The State will be used for tax calculation purposes.
  • Latitude, Longitude: Used to pinpoint the location on an interactive map that will appear on your pickup locations page. You can use this link to find your coordinates.
  • Cost to deliver: Cost for this pickup location.
    • Charge only one delivery fee per day of delivery: if multiple checkouts (e.g. subscription purchase and meal selection, if done separately, are considered two checkouts) are placed for the same day.
  • Reseller Payout Percentage: If you are on the Base or Pro plan, you will have a Sales Pickup Report to track how much revenue a location is making, and tell you what the payout will be based on this percentage (enter the numerical value only).
  • Opening Hours, Meal Prep Online Pickup Days, Modules allowed Online: availability for this pickup location to be used as a shipping option.