Are you interested in running Facebook & Instagram Ads or Google Ads? Curious on how you can track conversions, purchase values, new registrations. With all the recent updates we've made this process as easy as possible.

First, you will need to setup a tag management system, we recommend Google Tag Manager (GTM). This is where you can create your tags that will fire when a trigger occurs on your Sprwt platform. If this feels like its completely outside of your scope to setup, have no fear, our in-house digital ad agency can get everything built for you for a one-time cost of $500. This will ensure that you can track purchases, initiate checkouts, add to cart, new registrations, clicks, form usage, etc... with any major platform (Meta, Tik Tok, Google Ads).

In order to effectively get data from Sprwt that is sent to Google Tag Manager you will need the Advance Analytics Add-on. This is an extension/plugin that works with Sprwt that costs $75/mos. Without this tool, no conversion metrics will be sent from Sprwt. So please note, this is REQUIRED unless you are able to do programming and use external resources to pull javascript data from our platform.

If you're interested in running digital ad campaigns and are not working with anyone, then we would love to have the [opportunity to show you]( how we can help you manage your ad campaigns and increase your conversions. Feel free to visit []( to learn more about our services and how we can help your business double your revenue in 3 months or less!