We are excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate program feature on Sprwt.io! This feature will allow you to create contracts with influencers to help promote your business and referring new users to join and place order.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create contracts and affiliate rules and assign them to your new affiliate members. 
  2. They will receive a unique referral link or coupon code that you create, that you can share with your network through email, social media, or their own website.
  3. When someone clicks on their referral link or uses their coupon code in a checkout and makes a purchase, they will be automatically linked to their affiliate account.
  4. They will then earn a commission on any paid purchases made by the users you refer to our platform. These contracts can also have different rules over time i.e. after 6 months their rate is a lower percentage or fixed $ amount. 

To get started you will need to create a rule. go to your Admin Dashboard > Marketing > Affiliates > Affiliate Rules.

Name the rule so you can identify it when assigning it to users. Then setup the rule parameters and terms; what the affiliate payouts will be based on time frame, % of value or fixed $ amount.

Then go to Admin Dashboard > Marketing > Affiliates > Affiliate Users and click add new.

You will then be able to select a user from the dropdown list or create a new user. Then select the Affiliate rule assigned to this user which you created in the previous step. Finally, if you have a coupon code associated with this affiliate user, you can associate the usage of that coupon with the user. it save and you're done!

Now head to the Affiliate Report under sales and start tracking your new revenue, payouts, new customer signups, and more.