Aside from the information display, your dashboard also has some important functions for you to control your store open and closed delivery/pickup dates.

  • Meal Selection: Opening & Closing Meal Selections
    • If meal selections for a given date are open (green circle on the calendar), customers are able to place new orders for that date, and/or select the meals they will receive for their subscription on that date.
    • Meal selections are automatically closed (yellow circle on the calendar) according to the cutoff date we have set up in your system. The date will no longer be available as an option for customers when they select the date they will receive orders on.
    • RE-OPEN: If meal selections have already been closed for a date, you can manually re-open the day to allow for late orders from all customers. The date will reappear on ordering pages. *Note: this overrides the automatic system, so you'll have to close manually afterward.
    • CLOSE MEAL SELECTIONS: If meal selections are opened for a date, you can manually close the day to stop customers from ordering. At the moment you close, the date will disappear off ordering pages. Orders that have already been placed will remain on your reports, so if you just want to close early because you see the numbers are climbing too high to be able to fulfill (a good problem to have!), and you need more time for production, you can close the date. You can also close far in advance if you know you won't be available on a certain date.
      • Note: Each time a subscription renews, it will renew for the next day with open meal selections. 
        • If you close meal selections before your subscriptions renew for that date, those subscriptions will renew as normal, but the dates that are added to their subscription billing period will start on the next open date.