Need to manage which bags customers are getting and how much they're being charged for them? This bag fee will be charged separately from the delivery fee.

Go to Delivery Settings > Bag Types and click Add New or the ID# of an existing bag you need to manage.

Name - this is what the customer will see they are being charged for on their invoice. (eg Bag Fee)

Max Meals on Bag - if a customer purchases multiple meals for one delivery date, after each interval of this number of meals, a customer will have to pay for an additional bag fee.

Price and Return Fee - with each delivery (of max meals on bag), the customer will be charged Price, and when the bag is marked as returned through the Bag Tracking system, the Return Fee will be deposited into their digital wallet.

One Time Fee - the amount that will be charged for a customer's first delivery.

Availability - for each delivery checkout, the system will decide which bag the customer is charged for based on the toggle values in the following sections:

Modules allowed - need a different bag for CMB, subscriptions, etc.?

Which Pickup Point can use this Bag

Which Delivery Routes/Methods use this Bag