Our system automatically groups existing customers into useful sets, including checkout date, pickup/delivery date, subscription, or ordering module. If you have specialized groups or contacts who have not yet registered a profile in your new system, you can upload those just as easily!

Go to Admin Dashboard > SMS > Contacts and click New List. Enter the Name for internal recognition of this group, and click Save.


  • When sending a message, these lists will appear as options for the recipient, alongside our pre-built groups.
  • For preset groups that you already have:
    • Make sure the list you want to upload is formatted with [contact number];[contact name (optional)] in one column. Also, make sure your list is saved as a CSV file.
    • Click Add CSV > Choose File and select your file, then click Save.
    • The list will automatically populate in the table, and all contacts in the list will be added to Contacts, which you can see as a tab next to Lists.
  • To build a group of particular customers:
    • Add from Contacts: Individuals that were manually entered, either via the Contacts tab or via an uploaded list.
    • Add Users: Individuals that have registered a profile on your site.


  • Click New Contact and enter the Name and Contact number, then hit save.