Want to offer certain items in bulk quantities to customers? With the $75/mo By The Pound ordering system, customers can select an item to purchase in bulk quantities. After confirming your purchase of this add-on with a Sprwt representative, follow this guide to set up your BTP items.


  1. Define your category options
    1. By default, each By the Pound order consists of one Protein and one optional Sauce. If necessary, you can change these categories.
    2. Make sure you've completed your Order configurations for all the ordering systems you plan to use. Click here to see how.
  2. Create your items
    1. With a By the Pound order, customers will choose what Ingredient or Sub-Recipe they want to receive in a bulk quantity. You can manage which items are available, and what constitutes “bulk”.
      1. Any Ingredient/Sub-Recipe offered as a BTP item can still be used in Meal Recipes as normal. BTP Orders will have their own Cooking and Fulfillment reports, but in the Sub-Recipe Report, the items will be combined with other recipes that call for them.
    2. Go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen > Ingredients & Sub-Recipes
    3. Click on an existing Ingredient/Sub-Recipe to offer it as a BTP item, or create a new one.
    4. Scroll past the Cooking Instructions to the By The Pound section.
    5. CATEGORY: Turn on the Show as XXX toggle for the category (or categories) that this item will be offered in.
    6. AMOUNT: Under Measure (per Lbs), list the amount that constitutes 1 pound of this item. (If a customer selected 1 as their quantity option, how much would they receive?)
      1. The unit that appears is the same as the Base Unit you’ve listed for the Ingredient/Sub-Recipe itself under Base Info.
    7. PRICES: Under Price per Lbs, list the price that each pound of this item will cost.