A customer doesn't want their meals this week, something was charged or refunded incorrectly, you made changes that create a price difference, or wanted to spoil a favorite customer... What now?

A customer's balance in their Digital Wallet is store credit they can use to make purchases on your site, by clicking the Use Balance? checkbox when checking out.

Any Refund button, whether from the Subscriptions pages or the Customer Orders invoices will refund the amount to the digital wallet and clear the item(s) from the reports.

  • If you're refunding a particular order or meal, make sure it's removed from the reports.
    1. Refund through the Sprwt system
    2. If you want to then refund directly to their card, manually subtract the automatic refund from their balance

Manual refunds or charges

  • Editing a customer's Digital Wallet balance 
    • Admin Dashboard > Users > Click on ID #
    • Under Edit Balance ($XXX), enter the amount to change the customer's balance. The customer's current balance is in the parentheses, and you will see the change made when you hit Save.
      • Use a positive number to refund, and a negative number to charge.
      • Note: This only affects what the customer can use as store credit, so you won't pay or receive the payment directly.
  • Refunding and Charging through Stripe
    • Stripe.com > Customers > (Specific Customer) > Payments > 
    • To refund: ••• on the right of the succeeded payment > Refund Payment > (adjust the amount to be refunded) > Refund
    • To charge: Add Payment > (adjust the amount to be charged) > Create Payment

Refunds through the Sprwt system

  • Again, every "refund" done through the Sprwt system will 
    • A) remove the item from your reports, AND
    • B) refund to the Digital Wallet balance
  • Admin Dashboard > Subscriptions > Click on ID #
    • Cancelling an entire subscription
      • Click Cancel Auto Renew. In the popup, enter how much you want to Refund to Digital Wallet.
      • To refund meals within the customer's current billing period, you MUST ALSO turn on the toggles under Select days you want to cancel.
    • Cancelling one date in a subscription
      • Click the date circle in the bottom section of the Subscription page and click Cancel this Day. All meals purchased for that date will be refunded.
    • Cancelling one meal for one date in a subscription
      • Click the date circle in the bottom section of the subscription page and click the Refund button in the Actions column of the meal you are cancelling. The meal price will be refunded.
    • See article on cancelling Subscriptions for more.
  • Admin Dashboard > Customer Orders > Click on ID #
    • Refunding an entire order
      • Click the red Refund $XXX button at the top left of the page. The entire order will be refunded. (If the order is already partially refunded, the number that appears will be the remaining charges.)
    • Partially refunding an order
      • Click the Refund button in the Actions column of the meal you are cancelling. The meal price will be refunded.

If you look at a customer's Users page, in the Transactions section at the bottom, you can view every change made to the customer's digital wallet balance.