The Fedex System is included in the Orchard Plan or could be purchased for an additional $150/mos.

To get started you will need to get the following information sent to your Sprwt agent.

Fedex Account Number0
Fedex KeyEmpty
Fedex Meter NumberEmpty
Fedex PasswordEmpty

After you provided us with this information you will need to create a new delivery route titled Fedex. Go to Delivery Settings > Delivery Routes & Methods and hit the Add New button. Set the name and tag of the route to Fedex and then toggle on/off which days are available for this delivery route method.

Once you created a route you will need to create a new bag type for Fedex. To create a new bag go to Delivery Settings > Bad Types. To learn how to create a bag for Fedex read this guide

Once your bag is created you will then have to add the states you are delivering to. To create a new state go to Delivery Settings > States. After you create a state you will need to add a zip code for that state. If you are delivering to the entire state use the * symbol instead of an actual zip code.