In this article,

  • “Subscription” refers to the subscriptions created in Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings > Weekly Subscription.
  • “subscription” refers to the subscriptions customers have purchased, as viewed in the Admin Dashboard > Subscriptions > Click on the ID#.
  • “Renewal Day” refers to the day of the week specified in the Subscription as Renewal Day or, if manually changed, in the subscription as Day to Renew.
    1. Manually change the specific date for the next renewal by clicking on the subscription's underlined date shown as Next Billing Period (View in the Subscriptions tab under the Renew column).
  • “Delivery Date” refers to a day where customers will receive their meals within their subscription, either by pickup or delivery.


Each billing cycle includes all the delivery dates for the number of weeks that you specify in the Subscription under Weeks.

The system will automatically renew on the Renewal Day after the last delivery date (View in the subscription's date shown as Last Delivery or in the Subscriptions tab under the End column) within the current billing cycle.

Once a customer is billed for renewal, he/she can click Select Meals to choose the meals within the subscription for the delivery dates already paid for.

  • So, a customer can only Select Meals if he/she has been billed and the cutoff date for all his/her delivery dates have not passed. Otherwise, the Select Meals button will take the customer to sign up for a new subscription.

When will a customer be billed for renewal? The buffer period defined in the Subscription applies to and will change all subscriptions under that structure, immediately upon saving. If the buffer period defined in your Subscription is

  • 0: the customer’s subscription will be billed at 3am on the Renewal Day.
  • Any number greater than 0 (n): the customer’s subscription will be billed at 3am (n) number of days ahead of the Renewal Day. 
    1. If (n-1) days ahead of the Renewal Day, the customer has not been billed for renewal successfully yet, the customer will be billed at 3am, and again each day until the Renewal Day.
    2. Basically: the customer will be billed n number of days before Renewal Day, but if it doesn’t work, the system will try again every day between n and 0 days before Renewal Day until it does work.
  • Billing Failure
    1. The 2 main reasons a customer would not be billed for renewal successfully are
      • The customer had an issue with payment
      • The day they could have been billed has already passed
        • Eg: Buffer period starts before the initial purchase of a plan à customer will be billed for renewal the next day
        • Eg: Manually changing buffer period/renewal day (or date) to today or any day before today à customer will be billed for renewal tomorrow
    2. If, by the Renewal Day (the last day of the Billing Period), billing has still not gone through successfully, the system will show you on the dashboard and in the Subscriptions that there was an error billing the customer. The customer will not be able to select meals.