A Meal Pack is one of the  Ordering Systems available to any Sprwt client. This ordering system is a one-time multi-meal purchase e-commerce system. Customers can either Manually or Randomly select meals, according to their diet preferences, to fill up their pack.

Make sure your Meal Categories (How?) and Portion Sizes (How?) are created before you create your pack.

To create or edit a subscription/meal plan go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings > Meal Packs and click Add New or click on the ID of a plan you want to edit.

You can distinguish your packs based on the different options you would like to give customers regarding

  • Number of meals
  • Portion Size: if there are customers who would like meals exclusively in a larger size, so they don't have to upgrade each meal

  • Meal Category Break Down: if you offer meals that include different categories for different prices.

Enter the Name, Description, Price, Portion Size (if applicable), and select an image. This information will be displayed to customers for each Meal Pack option they have.

Next, set the Number of Meals that customers are allowed to choose.

In the final section, type out which categories of meals customers will have to choose from for the pack.

  • If you leave all the values as 0, customers will be able to select any meal on the menu for the meals.
  • Otherwise, under each category this pack includes, set a number, and customers will have to select that many meals that are tagged with that category. Make sure your numbers add up to the Number of Meals, and customers will have to select