You'll need to set your Menu to specify which meals customers can select from for their orders. All the meals you've ever created will stay in your system under Meal Recipes, and in your Menus tab, you'll choose the items that are available for customers to purchase for each pickup/delivery date.

Note: Customers can select a meal (new purchases and subscription choices) for a particular date if the following conditions are met

  • a menu exists for that date
  • the date is within the number of visible menus (set in Business: Kitchen configurations - How?)

To build these menus, go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen > Meal Prep Menu, and then click the date in the calendar (right-hand side) you would like to create a menu for (the date will turn blue once selected).

Add Meals to a Menu

  • Click Select Meals for this day, which will bring up a popup of all the meals in your system that you can scroll through. When you find the meal you want to add to the day's menu, click the green Add to menu button. 
    • On the left-hand side, you can choose to filter by categories that meals are tagged with, or by meals you've already selected, or you can search for a meal name.

Remove Meals from a Menu

  • If you're in the meal select popup, click the red Remove from menu button next to the meal. If you're on Kitchen > Meal Prep Menu, click the red trash button next to the meal.
    • After you remove the meal, no more orders for this meal can be made.
    • Note: if orders for this meal have already been made before removal, the meal will disappear off all reports except the Meals, Pickup, and Delivery Report. 
      • So, if orders for this meal have already been placed but you remove the item from the menu to disallow more orders, add the item back onto the menu after the meal selections are closed, and the reports will be re-populated.

Automatically Copy Meals from One Menu to Multiple Menus

  • Have a rotating menu and want to simplify your menu management? With Sprwt, you can use the Clone Menu function to expedite your menu building. 
  • Select the date on which you've already built the menu you want to clone (the date will turn blue once selected). 
  • Click Clone this Menu, then select the Start Date and End Date either by selecting the date from the calendar popup, or typing it in directly, following the Month/Date/Year format. Your cloned menu will be populated onto all of the pickup/delivery dates within that range, inclusive.