For organization and classification purposes, when you create your Ingredients and Sub-Recipes, you will be able to tag with an Ingredient Category and as many Allergens and Dislikes as relevant.

These are all pre-populated with a standardized list. To view and manage them, go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings, and click on Ingredient Category, Allergens, or Dislikes

The Ingredients Counts column lists how many ingredients in your system are tagged with this Allergen, Dislike, or Category, and the Users Counts column lists how many customers have specified in their profile that this particular diet restriction applies to them.

When items have been appropriately tagged, 

  • You can use Ingredient Categories to filter through your database, when viewing your items, or when adding them into recipes. Moreover, in your Inventory Shopping List, your Ingredients will be sorted into these categories. This is very important when using the inventory shopping list to give to your vendors for fulfilling purchase orders. 
  • If you allow (Business: General - How?), customers can edit their Allergens and Dislikes on their profile preferences, to filter through meals based on the ingredients they've been built with.

To view and manage any of these categories, go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen Settings > Ingredient Categories, Allergens, or Dislikes. Click add new or the ID of an existing category to edit, and enter the name of the as it will appear in your system or to customers and on meals. Hit Save.