When you're starting out you may have just one driver that may even be yourself, but as you grow you decide you need another driver, and then another driver, and maybe even later you want to add FedEx. In no time, you may even go from 1 driver to 5 drivers and that means you now have 5 delivery routes, and you ship nationally with FedEx.

In our system, adding a delivery route allows you to allocate zip codes to one route or another (or multiple), and on your delivery report, your orders will be categorized by delivery routes, in order to group together different zip codes and control the availability for each area.

To create a delivery route go to Admin Dashboard > Delivery Settings > Delivery Route and then click add new or click on the ID to edit an existing route. 

Start off by entering a name for the Route i.e. Route 1, Sarah's Route, or FedEx. This will appear to customers when their route is shown to them, and to you on your delivery report.

Rates will be determined by zip code, but you can decide by route whether to charge only one delivery fee per day of delivery if multiple checkouts (e.g. subscription purchase and meal selection, if done separately, are considered two checkouts) are placed for the same day.

Under Opening Hours, list information about delivery times to show to customers. For line breaks, type <br>.

Under Days available, you can toggle on or off certain dates for which a route is not available, or turn off Is active to shut off the route temporarily for all days.

If you're adding new routes after the initial setup, you likely need to revamp your zip codes, either adding new areas or changing the routes associated with existing zip codes. No worries! Take a look at this knowledge base article.

If you're interested in setting up our FedEx or Root Planner integrations, which can automate your delivery processes for you, please schedule a call to learn more about these features via this link.