So you've decided to run a meal prep delivery business. Odds are you're trying to deliver meals, it's in the name of the game. But how do you manage who you deliver to and differences in fees?

With Sprwt, you'll specify your delivery ranges and rates based on zip code, checking customers' delivery address at checkout against the zip codes you have listed in your delivery range.


  • Each zip code will be tied to its state or province, so if you're adding a zip code for a state that's not in your system yet, that's what you'll do first.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Delivery Settings > States. Click Add New, or the Id# to change/replace an existing state.
  • List the State name that customers can choose, Abbreviation, Country, and the default Tax % to charge on orders for customers whose delivery address is in the state.
  • If you've purchased the FedEx Integration, select the Service type for Fedex 
  • Note: If you are located outside of U.S. we will set up the REGEX code for you.


  • In your delivery report, your orders will be categorized by delivery routes, in order to group together different zip codes and control the availability for each area. If you're adding a zip code that you want to separate into a route that's not in your system yet, that's what you'll do next.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Delivery Settings > Delivery Routes & Methods. Click Add New Delivery Route, or the Id# to change/replace an existing route.
  • List the Name that will appear to customers when their route is shown to them.
  • Rates will be determined by zip code, but you can decide by route whether to charge only one delivery fee per day of delivery if multiple checkouts (e.g. subscription purchase and meal selection, if done separately, are considered two checkouts) are placed for the same day.
  • Under Opening Hours, list information about delivery times to show to customers. For line breaks, type <br>.
  • Under Days available, you can toggle on or off certain dates for which a route is not available, or turn off Is active to shut off the route temporarily for all days.

Zip Code

  • If you just need to add one zip code, because, for example, there was one you missed during set up, or there's a customer you want to accommodate, follow these steps:
    • Go to Admin Dashboard > Delivery Settings > Delivery Rates - Zipcode. Select the State the zip code belongs to, then click Add zip code in [state].
    • Enter the Zip Code as you would expect the customer to enter it. 
    • Under Transporter, select the route created in the last step, or FedEx, and fill out the Service Type for FedEx if you're using that integration.
      • To make a zip code available for multiple routes, you can click on the Id# of an existing zip code, where you'll see the different routes available, and you can click Add New. Essentially, you'll be listing the zip code twice under multiple routes, so if one route is unavailable, another may be used.
    • List your Delivery Price, edit the Tax Percentage if it is unique to the state, and select which ordering systems to Allow on this zip code.
  • If you're revamping your delivery range, or just getting set up, meaning that you'll need to add a group of several zip codes at once, either schedule a call with your Sprwt representative, or follow the instructions on this google Sheet.

Contact your Sprwt representative if you're interested in our FedEx or Root Planner integrations.