Looking to improve your relationship with customers by giving them notifications, updates, and communicate via text messaging? With our built-in SMS system, you can do exactly that, with all your customers in easily accessible groups.

  •  Need to send a notification or reminder? We got that! Our system automatically groups customers into useful sets. You can also create or upload your own groups, or contact individual customers. Each customer will receive the message separately and will be able to respond via the same number.

To integrate this feature into your system, contact your Sprwt representative. The SMS function is an $8/month add on, or a $20/month add on to include call forwarding with 300 pre-loaded minutes.

Once your Sprwt representative has confirmed your purchase, go to Admin Dashboard > SMS > Numbers and click Buy New Number. Enter a Name for how you want to recognize the number internally, then click Next.

You can then select what you'd like the phone number to be from the available options, and filter it by area codes. (*The system will not allow you to do so if the feature has not been integrated*)

If your purchase a $20/month number, you'll be able to set up in your configurations one existing phone number that both calls and texts will be forwarded to. When customers send texts or calls, they'll reach the phone that you forward them to.

  • You'll be able to respond to texts both from your phone and through the chat function in the Sprwt system. For calls, as of now, you cannot make calls, you can only receive them.