With Sprwt's CRM system you have complete control over your customers' profiles. 

To access a user profile go to Admin > Users from this dashboard you can click on the customer ID you'd like to view/edit. You can search for the specific customer by typing the customer's name in the search bar located in the top-right corner.

To create a new user, simply click Add New and enter a Name, Email, and Password.

On this page, you will see various details pertaining to that customer which you can edit.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password - will not be displayed, but type to edit and hit save to apply changes
  • Global User Role - what access the user has, as defined by the role created in Business Settings > User Roles

  • Is Active
  • Receive SMS (Text Messages)
  • Receive EMAIL
  • OneTimeFeeCharged

  • Phone
  • Birth Date - possibly for rewards
  • Edit Balance - the number in the parentheses is the current value, enter a positive or negative number to add or deduct, and hit save to apply changes
  • User Loyalty Cashback, Digital Amount to Referring Customer, Digital AMount to Referred Customer - percentage unique to the customer, or -1 to use the default
  • Notes

Below this section, you will be able to edit the customers profile details such as:

  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Allergies - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Allergens
  • Dislikes - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Dislikes
  • Diet Preferences - - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Diet Categories
  • Delivery Bags - This is a Base Plan or Pro Plan feature. This feature allows you to track customers bags and update the bag status (En Route, Delivered, Returned)
  • Add new Card 
  • Transactions - view all customer transactions associated with the digital wallet balance, whether from purchases, loyalty rewards, gift card redemption, referrals, etc.

After making changes, please make sure to hit save.