The Bag System a feature in the Base Plan is an amazing tool that facilitates packaging, delivery organization, notifications for your customers, as well as tracking which customers are returning your bag. But with so many features how do you keep track of everything. 

So you've decided to upgrade your bag system to have cooler bags. Awesome! You're making the correct decision. Not only does this keep your food fresher but it also makes your brand look significantly more polished. But here's the catch? Are you ready to lose money if your customers do not return them? Probably not... Want to learn how you can manage that?

With Sprwt, you can use our Delivery Bag Tracking System to automate bag fees, bag tracking, delivery notifications and more.

The first step is to go to your Delivery Settings > Bag Types and create your bag. You will have to create a name for the bag, we recommend "Bag Fee"The next step is to determine the max capacity that fits in a bag. This is very important because if a customer orders more than what fits into one bag they will receive two bags and be charged accordingly.  After which, enter the Price of the bag as well as the Return Fee that a customer will get when they return their bag.Finally, you need to toggle on the pickup locations and/or delivery routes applicable for this bag and bag fee. If you are only using bags for delivery then just toggle of the routes applicable.

 If you are not using the Fedex System, then you are done and can continue reading below to the second step. 

If you are using the Fedex System in the Pro Plan you will also have the ability to enter your max box weight and average meal weight for calculating shipping fees. Additionally, you will be prompt to enter the boxes dimensions, and special instructions.

The second step is to go to the Fulfillment Report from there you can go to the Labels and print out a Delivery, Pickup, or Bag Label. If you are unsure how to print labels Click Here.

These labels are designed to have several major functions. The most important of these features is bag tracking and deliveries. Utilizing any phone (Samsung, Google, iPhone, etc...) you can open the Camera App and scan our QR Code. This QR Code will open the respective customer's Customer Order Invoice. From this invoice your delivery drives will be able to update the status of a delivery bag from En Route to Delivered. This will send an email and notify your customers that the bag has been delivered. 

You can also utilize the Bag Report and En Route Bags Report to check and update the status of bags, as well as have your Fedex Shipment Tracking ID

Note: You can give delivery drivers specific user-role access to these reports via Business Settings > User Roles