Time to checkout so you can start easy, but where do we start?

When going to the cart first step is to make sure you are logged into your account. If you haven't created an account you will be prompt to do so before continuing. 

Once ready to checkout go to the cart page. From there you will have 3 steps to go through before you are finished. First steps first, make sure you're happy with what you've got. This step gives a preview to your customers on what they are ordering. Once the customer is satisfied knowing they got the correct items they can continue to the second step. Note: If you are not logged in you will be prompt to do so now.

In the second step, a customer will be asked whether they will prefer for their meals to be delivered or picked up. If the customer edited their profile before picking meals their settings will be auto-filled when choosing delivery. Once the customer chooses their delivery preference they will continue to the billing section. Just a few more clicks to go and the customer will have their meals.

The final phase of the ordering process is billing. On this page a customer can use saved information or add a new card. Additionally, they can add a coupon code or gift card code to apply to checkouts.

A few things you can do with the cart

Every user has a digital wallet, credit they can utilize to make purchases. On the right hand side of the screen a customer can use some of their earned or purchased credits to apply towards the balance of a checkout. With the Marketing Hub system in the Base Plan, users can redeem credit through the loyalty system, referral program, birthday presents, gift cards, and so forth.

Additionally, Sprwt allows companies to track their cooler bags. With the Delivery Bag system in the Base Plan, you can have customers apply bag credit to their checkout balance if they have successfully returned their bag.