When a customer signs up on your website they have access to a profile. To access their profile, click the person icon in the top right menu.

From the profile the can access their shipping and billing information, add a saved credit card, edit their allergens and dislikes and diet preferences, and more.

When choosing meals, the Sprwt system looks at each individual customer's diet preferences to make sure the customer sees meals that match their dietary needs. For instance, when a customer adds an allergen or dislike of tomatoes the customer will not see any dishes that has been properly categorized as a meal with tomatoes in it. If the customer wants to filter meals based on diet preferences, they can do so by adding a preference. For example, if the customer wants to eat only Keto meals, then the customer will not see any meals that are not properly categorized with the Keto tag. Note: You control what allergens, dislikes, and diet preferences exist in your system from the admin dashboard kitchen settings.

If you are on the Base Plan you will have access to the delivery bag tracking system, you can view our pricing by going to the Sprwt Pricing Page. With this feature your customers can track what bags they have, the status of their meals, and when they are returned. 

Finally, if you're on the base plan, every customer has a Digital Wallet that is tied to the marketing-hub feature. We have features like the loyalty program, referral program, birthday present, and digital gift cards. To learn more about this please feel free to contact one of our sales agent or schedule a demo

The Customer can also view their previous order history by clicking history. 

From the Customer Profile the customer can access their Subscription Dashboard and Select Meals for a Subscription. We will discuss this further in another article.