Welcome to Sprwt. You're #1 solution to run your meal prep business. The most important part of this site is to create an easy experience for your customers. So the first thing to do is explain how a customer creates an account. 

When your customer visits your site, in the top right corner and click Sign up. Then you fill out the information, your name phone number, email, passwords, and birthday, and CAPTCHA. The Captcha is CASE SENSITIVE

Note: The birthday feature if you have the marketing-hub which is part of the base-plan will give your customers a $10 (you can set this value) into their digital wallet.

Your customers can than decide if they want to receive SMS (text-messaging) notifications from you which is part of our SMS marketing systems. The SMS package costs $8/mos. for a phone and .07c per message. You can view our pricing on the Sprwt Pricing Page

Once your customers agree to the terms and click continue they've successfully created an account.